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How to wear silk Scarves with scarf rings

Nothing could be more flattering than a Versatile and vibrant silk scarf. Scarves turn monogram tedious into chic bright ensemble and add a bit of contrast to dull clothes. And it will be much more graceful and classy when combine a silk scarf with a scarf ring that made of organic material like buffalo horn or mother of pearl to keep it in position. As flexible as they're, scarves become even more flexible with scarf rings. With your imagination and a scarf ring you can wear your favorite scarves in thousands of new ways. Scarf rings come in many sizes and shapes to be combined with different sizes and shapes of scarves. In the photos are some of scarf rings offered by Marycrafts. As you can see, sizes come from size 1 oval for twilly to size 6 oval or even bigger like the square and infinity. The shapes come from oval, round, square, infinity, bow, to cylinder. Here are Hermes scarf size guide: size 1 and 2 scarf rings (the smallest and the second smallest oval rings