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Pencil skirt is a super familiar item which seems to appear in the wardrobe of any women. It is undeniable that pencil skirt is an easy-to-wear and versatile piece of clothing so each girl owns  at least one pencil skirt.  The pencil skirt can bring you from places to places and show your different styles. 1. Elegant style for office girl Pencil skirt is the first choice of office women. It is elegant, modest,  professional and smart. Choosing the suitable outfit to work is not difficult anymore . Basically, you can mix it with your blouse (traditional button down blouse or fashionable flare one are also nice), a pastel handbag and a comfortable heels. 2. Impressive style with patterned pencil skirt Beside the one-color pencil skirt, you can refresh yourself by the patterned one. It is said that patterned and colorful items inspire the wearers effectively. Therefore, why don't you try a patterned bottom to make your day full of energy? You should team it with the simple


Lipstick is the sticky item of every girl. Many girls say that without lipstick, they feel that they are wearing no clothes. Nowadays, there are a million of lipstick brands with thousands colors. However, following are four lipstick colors that you must have, otherwise, you seem not to be a woman  1. RED Red lipstick color was born for a so so long time, but it is still a super hot one which are liked by almost girls. Whether you have light or dark skin, red is also your good choice. Moreover, different red shades are now produced continuously.  Red color brings you a sexy, mysterious and energetic look. Another great advantage is that it helps the colors of your skin and your teeth look better. Red lipstick color is suitable for many occasions but it absolutely shows its niceness at night parties. 2. PINK Pink is also one of the most favourite lipstick colors. Compared to red, pink is something mo re feminine and graceful. About versatility, pink can be worn  at more events

WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK (September 23, 2017)

1. Marycrafts Women's Appealing Sleeveless Wrap Flare Shift Midi Dress Women will surely love this appealing shift dress at first sight because its design is so amazing. It is sexy but graceful and elegant. It is also suitable for every body shape because it covers your imperfect body parts. Mix it well with accessories and confidently appear for every occasion. 2. Marycrafts Women’s Classy Vintage 1960s Fit Flared Knee Length Dress A wonderful one piece dress for women of every age. You will look sweet, charming and elegant in this A-line dress. The knee length is totally suitable for young girls but it also offers the classic appearance for middle-aged women.  3. Marycrafts Women’s Classy High Neck Vintage 1960s Shift Knee Length Dress This classy shift dress is the perfect addition to your closet. Pair it with a clutch and high heels for modest look. On the other hands, you can also mix it with a pair of tan shoes for casual style. 4. Marycrafts Women's Grace

WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK (September 22, 2017)

1. Marycrafts Women’s Classic Long Sleeve Peplum Top Pencil Sheath Midi Dress What a wonderful and modest dress for every woman! Intriguingly, it looks like a suit but actually this is a divine peplum one piece dress for every day charming and smart look. Dress it up with a black handbag and heels 2. Marycrafts Women's Smart Mandarin Neckline Sheath Pencil Midi Dress People will remember your feminineand elegant image when you wear this classy dress. It brings a new and interesting look for you with high mandarin neckline. 3. Marycrafts Women's Unique Asymmetrical Neck Wrap Hem Bodycon Mini Dress It is really regrettable if you don't buy this sexy mini dress. It features many creative and eye-catching details which bring you hundreds of praises. The asymmetrical neckline and wrap hem attract any eyes. You will become the most beautiful woman in evey place you go. 4. Marycrafts Women's Decent Asymmetrical Neckline Sheath Pencil Midi Dress Wearing wel

WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK (September 21, 2017)

1. Marycrafts Women’s Ladylike Long Sleeve Shirt A Line Midi Skirt Suit Start your nice day by putting this modest suit on! This well designed and tailored suit cannot disappoint you. Including A-line silhouette skirt, it is appropriate for every body shape and offers you a smart, ladylike and romantic beauty. 2. Marycrafts Women's Polite Folded Neck Flounce Hem Shirt Sheath Midi Skirt Set Appear confidently in this polite and wonderful setwherever you go. Featuring very impressive nickline and flounce hem top, the set brings you a feminine and outstanding look. It is proper to wear for every occasion 3. Marycrafts Women’s Elegant Vintage 1960s Fit Flared Knee Length Dress You will be in love with this super sweet dress at first sight. Getting a lovely, feminine and graceful look in this vintage 1960s fit flared one piece dress. 4. Marycrafts Women’s Modest Cutout Hemline Shirt Pleated Knee Length Skirt Suit Being outstanding in this impressive well-cut suit! It

WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK (September 20, 2017)

1. Marycrafts Women's Classic Folded Asymmetrical Neckline Pencil Sheath Midi Dress This feminine and modest piece is one of the most favourite items thanks to its pretty design and versatility. The asymmetrical neckline makes you more ladylike and attractive. It is outsanding enough for weddings or parties but also a good choice for a smart image work.  2. Marycrafts Women's Decent Drop Waist Fit And Flare Knee Length Dress Swing dress always attracts eyes because it makes women more feminine and lovely. People, especially men will pay attention to you when you wear this well-tailored knee length dress. 3. Marycrafts Women’s Classy Large Collar Sheath Pencil Midi Dress You turn heads when you wear this elegant large collar sheath dress. It is suitable for women of every age, especially middle-aged ones. It doesn’t hug your body so tightly but still brings you attractiveness; moreover, it can conceal your imperfect belly by pleated waist. 4. Marycrafts Women&#

WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK (September 19, 2017)

1. Marycrafts Women's Smart Front Button Closure A Line Knee Length Coat Dress You will appear in the shape of a successful businesswoman in this smart coat dress. It is so polite and modest for your appearance at every place. You will definitely be confident and comfortable in this dress. 2. Marycrafts Women's Classy 3/4 Sleeve Ruched Waist Pencil Knee Length Dress Every girl wants to be beautiful anytime and this classy dress will help you. Being well desgined and tailored, it brings you a ladylike, elegant and modest look. It hugs your body well but you still feel comfortable. 3.  Marycrafts Women's Elegant Square Neck Pleated Side Sheath Pencil Midi Dress Simple but absolutely elegant and modest, this dress is all what you need for your perfect look. Men surely don't want to miss a chance to date with a beautiful and attractive girl like you. It features a super impressive structured neckline. It is really suitable for every occasion. 4. Marycraft

WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK (September 16, 2017)

1. Marycrafts Women's Feminine Drop Waist Pleated A Line Fit And Flare Mini Dress Inspired by vintage 1920s style, this feminine dress is all what you need for a wonderful appearance. Two faux front pockets and pleated skirt make you look so cute, lovely and graceful. It is sure that you will definitely confident in this dress. 2. Marycrafts Women's Classic Collar Front Button Sheath Pencil Midi Dress This smart pencil dress is exactly what you are finding for your ladylike and modest beauty. You just need to pair it with simple jewelry to complete your perfect look.  3. Marycrafts Women's Ladylike Collar Bow Cuffed Short Sleeve Fishtail Midi Dress No one can ignore this ladylike dress because it is a perfect addtion to your wardrobe. You will be much more beautiful, elegant and attractive in this fishtail dress. Mix it with a suitable clutch and comfortable heels to complete your look. 4. Marycrafts Women's Attractive Color Block Leg Baring Pencil Sheat

WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK (September 15, 2017)

1. Marycrafts Women’s Elegant Long Sleeve A Line Knee Length Dress This elegant A-line dress is everything a decorous outfit should be. You will shine at every place with the beauty of grace, charm and confidence. It features round neck, long sleeves, A-line silhouette and knee length. 2. Marycrafts Women's Unique Structured Collar Button Placket A Line Coat Dress Style yourself by this attractive coat dress. People will surely wow up when they see your elegant and graceful appearance in this dress. Pair it with a small handbag and comfortable pumps to complete your look. It is suitable for a wide range of different occasions 3. Marycrafts Women’s Smart Sleeveless Pencil Sheath Midi Dress Let Marycrafts improve your style by this smart midi dress! Every woman needs the classy, charming and ladylike look that it brings out. It hugs your body so well in the right ways to show all your sexy curves. The beautiful square neckline is also wonderfully designed for you to sh

WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK (September 14, 2017)

1. Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Boat Neck Pencil Midi Dress You desire to be gorgeous and elegant all the time but don't want to buy a lot of clothes? This versatile and beautiful dress will help you. You can wear it for so many different occasions but still look very suitable, charming and modest. It hugs your body so well to show off your sexy curves sophisticatedly. 2. Marycrafts Women's Modest Belt Sheath Pencil Midi Vintage Work Office Dress If you are looking for a smart, modest and ladylike dress to go to work, it is the best choice for you. Being well designed, it can not disappoint you. Pair it with a matching bag and heels to complete your look. 3. Marycrafts Women's Feminine Color Block Pencil Above The Knee Length Dress Every girl will appear in a charming, elegant and smart appearance thanks to this wonderful dress. The great combination and arrangement of two colors make your body look better and sexier. 4. Marycrafts Women's

WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK (September 13, 2017)

1. Marycrafts Women’s Polised Bow Tie Waist Lady Vintage Pencil Sheath Midi Dress Inspired by vintage 1960s designs, this beautiful pencil dress hugs your body wonderfully to highlight all your sexy curves, especially the waist thanks to accentuated bow tie. Being an attractive woman all the time with this well-made piece. 2. Marycrafts Women's Elegant Short Sleeve Peplum Sheath Pencil Knee Length Dress You will look absolutely professional and elegant in this peplum one piece dress. This well-cut one hugs your body in the right way to help you be confident in every place. It is easy to mix with accessories and suitable for diffrent occasions. 3. Marycrafts Women's Feminine V Neck Peplum Top Flare Midi Skirt Set I am sure that every girl will fall in love and buy this set immediately right at the first time she sees it. It is very very feminine, sweet and elegant. When you wear this set, people cannot take eyes off you and they will give you nice compliments from

WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK (September 12, 2017)

1. Marycrafts Women’s Feminine Folded Square Neck A Line Skirt Midi Dress This midi dress is everything a tasteful outfit should be. The A-line silhouette is easy to wear for every body shape and the folded square neck offers you the wonderfully graceful and sweet look. Definitely, it is the best choice for every occasion. 2. Marycrafts Women's Ladylike Keyhole Neck 3/4 Sleeve Fit And Flare Midi Dress Surely, people are willing to give you compliments from their hearts when you wear this elegant dress. Fit-and-flare dress is always easy to wear for different body shape and different occasions as well. The dress is decorated right by its curved seams. It will bring you the most satisfied appearance. 3. Marycrafts Women's Attractive Ruched Waist Long Sleeve Sheath Pencil Midi Dress Let everyone know that you have a perfect and sexy body shape by wearing this attractive dress. It hugs your body tightly to show off all your sexy curves but you still feel comfortable