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1. Long wavy hair Wavy hair is always liked by a large number of girls because of its great points. It is ideal for every face shape and every age. Women look charming, graceful and elegant in this hairstyle. It is also suitable for different clothing styles in various occasions. Moreover, no hairstyle is better than wavy hair in photos, you will absolutely have satisfied photos with it. 2. Long straight hair Like curly hair, timeless long straight one is also one of the most favourite hairstyles in all eras. It brings out a young, feminine and natural look for women. Additionally, straight hair is perfect for girls who are lazy to take care of hair, it also does not take time to be neat in the morning. 3. Bun hair A romantic and modest lady must love low bun hairstyle. It was born for beautiful and ladylike dresses. You can easily fulfill your tasks but still keep a pretty image  all day. It is not too difficult to make, there are many tutori


Fashion trends change every day and no girl wants to be out-of-date. However, the saying “Simple is the best” is true all the time. Basic items like jeans, T-shirt, white blouse or pencil dress are timeless. Choose pencil dresses for your every day smart but fashionable look. Pencil dress is a common kind of dress which features pencil silhouette skirt. It is tailored narrowly for a close fit with the shape like a pencil. It is cut with different lengths (above the knee length, knee length or below the knee length). It has a long history and is still liked until now. 1.  Pencil dress is sexy but elegant and smart With the characteristic of a narrow-fitting dress, it hugs the body perfectly to show off attractive curves. Additionally, it is suitable for different body shapes and the wearers almost satisfy with the look it bring outs. That is the reason why girls are in love with this type of dress much. It can be said that a sexy dress is not appropriate at workplace but pencil d


You own a lot of clothings but you find it difficult to mix and match them properly; therefore you keep boring color mixing all the time, or even more terribly, you make color clash in what you are wearing.  Outfit color mixing is an art but if you keep these tips in mind, it is not as difficult as you imagine. Let’s get started! 1.   Try complementary colors What you have to do first is finding a color wheel and learning it by your heart. Complementary colors are ones standing on the opposite sides of the color wheel, such as black and white, pink and blue green. Color Wheel This wonderful hue rule is also a loved tip of famous fashion icon Victoria Beckham or Miranda Kerr A perfect combination of pink and olive green 2. Monochromatic colors - a perfect choice Mix different shades of a color, you will have an outfit following monochromatic color mixing rule. People will see you as a fashionable, modern and knowlegable about color person.