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Pink Pastel color of next season?

Rihanna in Pascal Millet designs for next fall on "Good morning America" program. And here is Pascal Millet lineup for next fall

Romantic top drawstring gathered neckline top?

Today I receive a custom order from a young girl who have view my listing on etsy and order me to make the same with some modification. Here is my listing: And here is her photo of product: Actually these are 2 totally different products with different designs and production process takes time. It takes about 1 month to cut and sew a sample, then try on model, computerize and grading from size 0-20, calculate the fabric spending and labor cost to determine the price, photo shoot. I'm still considering to make it or not.

Horn Care Instructions

To keep your horn jewelry, accessories and housewares looking as shimmering and glossy as the day you bought them and enjoy them for a lifetime, please follow this care instructions: - From time to time using a soft cloth sprinkled with a little vegetable oil wipe over the item in the direction of the grain. Buff using a soft lint-free cloth – this will restore the luster and preserve the natural beauty of the horn. - Do not expose horn products under direct sunlight in too much time. - For horn jewelry and accessories, you can use shampoo to wash it.  - For horn housewares: + Cleaning after serving with tepid water and mild soap by hand, rub gently with a soft cloth, towel dry immediately. + Do not put them into dishwasher and microwave as heat will change the shape of horn products. + Do not soak it too long in water as horn like our nails, it absorb water and becomes fragile. + Do not use them with hot or boiling water

Silk Care Instructions

Optimal silk care will ensure longer and lustrous life of the garment. Please use the following guidelines to care for your silk. 1. Caution - Do not use chlorine bleach to clean silk; chlorine will damage the silk fabric - Avoid drying silk in direct sunlight as sunlight for a prolonged period will damage the silk fabric - Substances containing alcohol will damage silk fabric. So let your perfume and hairspray dry before dressing 2. Washing and cleaning - With all silk products, hand washing is recommended. However, in our modern and busy life, we have to save time and energy, so machine washing is possible with a washing bag in cool water and  Gentle circle mode . -  Detergents: shampoo or mild detergents only. Do not use detergents that contain enzymes and brighteners. 3. Drying - Air dry with a hanger and please avoid direct sunlight as sunlight fade silk colors. - If you wish to use a dryer please set it in heatless AIR FLUF mode 4. Ironing -  Ideal