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Everyone wants to have a silky hair; however, in the dry weather, hair needs being cared more carefully than ever. Because of the lack of moisture in air, your hair become dry and might fall much, and a lifeless hair makes you less confident and energetic. Many people go to the hairdressers to treat their hair but with these following natural hair masks, you can moisturize your hair easily right at home. The ingredients are easy-to-find and cheap, but still so effective for hair care. 1. Egg + Olive Oil Mask What you need are a raw egg and a tablespoon of olive oil. Vitamins and fatty acids in olive oil and egg effectively nourish and moisturize your hair. Leave it on for an hour and then rinse it out.  2. Coconut Oil + Honey Mask Coconut is known as the richest natural ingredient of medium chain fatty acids and it perfectly prevents hair loss. Honey is a wonderful antioxidant that you can find everywhere with miracle benefits for your hair. Cover your hair by a 1/4 cup


Make-up is one of the must-have activities of girls in a day. It often takes minutes to hours for girls to be in front of the mirror to become more beautiful by different kinds of cosmetics. However, when you step out the door, it is difficult to carry all your beauty items so following are only 5 beauty essentials you should put in your bag everyday for a pretty looking at anytime. 1. Sunscreen As you know, sunscreen is the one that you have to keep beside almost 24 hours per day to protect your skin from the sun's UV radiation. It is not true that you only need to use sunscreen when you are outdoor, even when you are working in the office, you have to do it because UV light can go through curtains to ruin your skin. There are different kinds of sunscreen for you to choose, from cream, spray, lotion to gel. A sunscreen product is often made in a small size so it is convenient for you to take it everywhere in your bag. 2. Lipstick I know that millions of girls will say


What did celebrities wear last week? Which styles can we steal from them? Let’s take a quick look together! Nikki Reed  caught any eyes by a red pantsuit which was well decorated by small patterns and striped hemlines. She smartly chose impressive accessories such as straps heels and a crisp white clutch.   No photographer did not point their lens at  Olivia Palermo to gain amazing pictures. The actress underlined her personality by a blush pink furry coat creatively mixed with velvet crisp flared pants. A patchwork blouse, a patterned clutch and pink mules perfectly completed her look. (Photo: Backgrid) A-list star   Angelina Jolie  showed her timelessly modest appearance by paring a black body skimming pencil skirt and a white crisp blouse. Her grey medium-sized handbag and Tamara Mellon stilettos wonderfully matched clothes and the oversize tortoiseshell shades said it all. (Photo: White crisp blouse seemed to be liked by many celebrities wh


Accessory has its power. Sometimes, only a simple piece of accessory may rescue your outfit from boredom and scarf is a good example. No girl has no scarf in her wardrobe. These below types of scarves are ones every girl has to own to be fashionable and underline her personality. 1. Sheer scarf Sheer scarf is made of chiffon fabric - a super lightweight and thin material. Sheer scarf brings a feminine and graceful look for the wearer. It is also very versatile when you can wear it around your neck, as a belt or a shawl as well. For sleeveless or strapless formal party dresses, putting a sheer scarf on your shoulders is truly the best glamorous and high-end choice.  2. Knit scarf Talking about winter items, warm knit scarf can not be missed. Thick and easy-to-wear knit scarves can be perfectly paired with countless kinds of clothes such as sweater, jumper, leather jacket, state coat, bomber jacket, cardigan and so on. 3. Faux fur scarf If knit scarf seems to


It's absolutely time for you to replace active summer outfits on thicker winter ones. Because of the cold weather, many people just focus on wearing what make them warm; however, why don't you use right these clothes to make gorgeous outfits? The important thing is that you know how to mix pieces well then you can appear impressively but still feeling warm. Following are 7 outfits for a nice winter week. Wool topcoat  cannot be absent in the winter wardrobe. Appear like a fashionista with a small striped shirt  mixed with a large floral printed pencil skirt.  Then put a cream coat  and pick a blue set of accessories including handbag  and heels. Another must-have item in the winter is feminine cardigan.  The bright yellow cardigan is great when teamed with a cropped mock turtleneck sweater , a chiffon pleated skirt , beige Oxford flats  and a lovely printed bag . Change your style a bit by pairing a green wool sweater  with jean shorts  Then, accent your outfit by


A pair of earrings is the amazing accessory of women. Your outfit will be much more valuable if you know how to choose a suitable pair of earrings. However, while there are billions of earring styles made day by day, it is not true that all of them are appropriate for you. Each kind of face shape matches some certain earring styles. 1. Round face A round face means the width and length of the face are almost the same and the widest part is at the cheeks. If you have a circular face, long dangle earrings are the best choice for you because it will help you face look longer and more well-proportioned. On the other hand, avoid earrings which make your face rounder such as large round earrings, hoop earrings and button studs. Should Avoid 2. Square face Square face is the face featuring forehead, cheekbones and jawline almost the same width. What you need to do is softening your face shape. You should buy medium or long earrings with rounded edges and avoid square s