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Fashion trends change every day and no girl wants to be out-of-date. However, the saying “Simple is the best” is true all the time. Basic items like jeans, T-shirt, white blouse or pencil dress are timeless. Choose pencil dresses for your every day smart but fashionable look.
Pencil dress is a common kind of dress which features pencil silhouette skirt. It is tailored narrowly for a close fit with the shape like a pencil. It is cut with different lengths (above the knee length, knee length or below the knee length). It has a long history and is still liked until now.
1. Pencil dress is sexy but elegant and smart
With the characteristic of a narrow-fitting dress, it hugs the body perfectly to show off attractive curves. Additionally, it is suitable for different body shapes and the wearers almost satisfy with the look it bring outs. That is the reason why girls are in love with this type of dress much.
It can be said that a sexy dress is not appropriate at workplace but pencil dress is. With the perfect length and fitting form, pencil dress is absolutely not offensive; on the other hands, it is smart and neat.
Pencil dress is often made of stretchy fabric and has a slit in the back for easier movement and comfort.
You can find it here: cutout neck dress

2. It is easy to mix
Be a basic piece of clothing, pencil dress can be easily paired with jackets, scraves, belts and different kinds of accessories such as handbags, clutches, jewellery or shoes. Moreover, it is suitable for both casual and formal styles. 
 The girl cleverly chose a stylish clutch in the similar hue with a part of the dress. Her charming look is accented by shining earings and sweet bracelet.
 Pencil dress is also the choice of Miranda Kerr. She wore a fashionable and convenient set of a casual pencil dress mixed with a light grey cardigan, a sky blue big sized handbag, a pair of ankle strap sandals and stylish sunglasses.
Keeping appearing in a pencil dress but at this time, Victoria Secret’s beauty chose a ladylike and modest style. She used a leather belt and a color block handbag for her wonderful look.
 Jessica Alba paired her sleeveless pink pencil dress with an eye-catching pair of metallic heels
3. It is an item of all four seasons

You love a piece of clothing so much but you only can wear it within some months because of the weather, but this story is not true for pencil dress. Being made of different kinds of fabric of with various designs, it can be wore in all four seasons of a year. In summer, you can choose sleeveless or short sleeve dresses made of lightweight and thin fabrics. On the other hands, in the cool and cold weather, you can wear ¾ or long sleeve pencil dresses, or even pair them with fashionale coats or cadigans.
 An elegant and ladylike pastel pencil dress for office girls in summer
Jessica Alba went for a walk in a white pencil dress mixed with a dark blue jacket, an outstanding grey handbag and a pair of yellow heels. You totally can apply this outfit formula for work in winter.
or a feminine flounce sleeve one like this is also a great choice.
What are you waiting for? Be quick to add pretty pencil dresses to your work outfit collection for bright and modest appearance in your office every day.
Marycrafts is full of wonderful and elegant pencil dresses for you to choose freely. 
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