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Lipstick is the sticky item of every girl. Many girls say that without lipstick, they feel that they are wearing no clothes. Nowadays, there are a million of lipstick brands with thousands colors. However, following are four lipstick colors that you must have, otherwise, you seem not to be a woman 
1. RED
Red lipstick color was born for a so so long time, but it is still a super hot one which are liked by almost girls. Whether you have light or dark skin, red is also your good choice. Moreover, different red shades are now produced continuously.
 Red color brings you a sexy, mysterious and energetic look. Another great advantage is that it helps the colors of your skin and your teeth look better. Red lipstick color is suitable for many occasions but it absolutely shows its niceness at night parties.

Pink is also one of the most favourite lipstick colors. Compared to red, pink is something more feminine and graceful. About versatility, pink can be worn at more events than red. You can wear peach to go to school, fuscia to go to work and hot pink for weddings or parties.
 One thing you have to notice is choosing the suitable pink for your skin tone. If your skin is white, you can wear all pink colors but not, the wrong pink can ruin your image.

It is sure that every girl is aware of the fame of nude lipsticks. No one denies that nude lipstick color brings a hard-to-resist sexiness, a bit wild and natural beauty. You should pair it with bold browns or smoky eyes. Nude lipstick can be worn at professional situation or casual parties, of course. 
 Interestingly, when you don't know which lipstick color you should choose, think nude first. 

Some people think orange is out-of-date but they should rethink. Orange, itself, is still a must at women's cosmetic collection. Your face will be really bright and attractive with orange color lipstick. It leads a timeless energy for the wearers, especially when it is paired with suitable clothes.
 Furthermore, among various lipstick colors, orange is the perfect partner of polished lipstick. A polished orange makes your lips super freshy.
Well, have you got all four colors? I think the answer is "Yes". Moreover, for each color, you even should own diffrent shades. If you own the full set of lipsticks, there is no reason to appear inconfidently.
Be beautiful at any moments. Invest for your appearance is the most worthy thing.


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