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WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK (September 20, 2017)

1. Marycrafts Women's Classic Folded Asymmetrical Neckline Pencil Sheath Midi Dress
This feminine and modest piece is one of the most favourite items thanks to its pretty design and versatility. The asymmetrical neckline makes you more ladylike and attractive. It is outsanding enough for weddings or parties but also a good choice for a smart image work. 

2. Marycrafts Women's Decent Drop Waist Fit And Flare Knee Length Dress
Swing dress always attracts eyes because it makes women more feminine and lovely. People, especially men will pay attention to you when you wear this well-tailored knee length dress.
3. Marycrafts Women’s Classy Large Collar Sheath Pencil Midi Dress
You turn heads when you wear this elegant large collar sheath dress. It is suitable for women of every age, especially middle-aged ones. It doesn’t hug your body so tightly but still brings you attractiveness; moreover, it can conceal your imperfect belly by pleated waist.
4. Marycrafts Women's Classic Puff Haft Sleeve A Line Knee Length Dress
People cannot forget your lovely and pretty image when you dress this classic piece up. It brings you the young, ladylike and modest appearance at every place you go. Pair it with a beautiful handbag and matching heels to complete your great outfit.


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