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Wrinkle is one of the most hateful enemies of women. Time flies and  more and more wrinkles appear on your face. It's time (may be quite late but necessary) for you to act and manage your wrinkles which can be totally reduced by your daily skincare habit.
Following are 5 steps you can definitely do at home to say goodbye to wrinkles.
1. Cleanse
Choose a kind of cleanser matching to your skin and gently wash your face for free of dirt, bacteria and so on. It doesn't mean that every cleanser is suitable for you so be careful when you purchase one. Massage your face lightly for 1 minute or less, then rinse out with water.
 2. Exfoliate
Many women forget this essential step. If you do skincare without exfoliating, it is mostly useless because your dead cells are covering your real skin. After exfoliating, your skin will be much lighter and cleaner, but don't scrub your face too regularly, only once-twice per week is enough. You can use exfoliating products which can be easily found at every corner or DIY mixture by natural ingredients in your kitchen.
3. Restore
Every day after getting up, slap on a serum to enhance skin's defenses against damaging free radicals. And before going to bed, restore your skin by prescription Retin-A to improve skin tone and texture and help create collagen. However, it's not a good idea to use Retin-A every night so a cream should be your choice. Don't forget to massage your face within 15 minutes as well.
 4. Moisturize
Yep! This step is mentioned times to times but it can not be skipped. Whether it is summer or winter, whether your skin is dry or oily, you also have to moisturize your skin to against wrinkles and a large number of skin problems. To choose a proper moisturizer for your skin, remember that oily skin should be slapped on a lotion, dry skin goes with a cream, a lotion with no acids is the friend of combination skin and a very thin layer of ointment on at night is the advise for normal skin.
5. Protect
If a sunscreen is not in your moisturizer, put it on your skin before stepping out the door. The sunlight is the main cause of your wrinkles so prevent your skin from the UV by useful sunscreen products. Slap on it 20-30 minutes before going out and do again every 4 hours.
Beside these five steps, you also need to keep in mind below:
- Stay far away from cigarettes: Smoking can damage the skin’s natural collagen so it makes skin look less stable and more wrinkled. Researchers also stated that smokers' skin is aged more quickly than non-smokers.
- Eat healthier: eat more vegetables, fruits and collagen foods such as bone broth, wild salmon, eggs and so on; drink enough water to moisturize your skin naturally and avoid fast food, alcohol and other harmful foods.
- Sleep well: sleep 8 hours per day at certain time and remember to sleep on your back.
- Be happy: if you usually angry and scowl, more wrinkles will be built. Smile more and relax for a young skin.


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