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It is a fact that your brows is one of the parts which people pay attention to most when they are talking with you. Brows are always in the spotlight, they frame your face and highlight your eyes. Therefore, there is no reason to invest to get amazing brows, or even expensive-looking ones.
1. Find your best brow shape

You can affirm that determining a proper brow shape is unnecessary because it can be changed according to hot trends. However, unlike lipstick colors, brow shape should be maintained from time to time to match your face shape. Try to keep your brow shape as similar as the natural shape (which follows your brow bone) as possible.
- The contour: If you have round and full face, a more arched shape should be fine but if you have long and narrow face, a flatter and narrower one is a good idea.
- The width: Small eyes should go with fuller brows and big eyes should go with thinner ones.
- The starting point: your brow should start above the corner of your eye. Use a pencil, hold it vertically against one nostril and where the pencil meets your brow is the starting point.
- The arch: Still this pencil, angle it so it is straight with the outer side of your pupil. Usually, your best arch will be under the highest point of your natural arch. Carefully to balance the arch with your brow line.
- The ending point: Your brow should end at the point where you angle the pencil from your nostril to the outer edge of your eye. The ending point is important because if your brow is too long or too short compared to your eye, it also looks failed.
2. Tweeze your brows

After finding your perfect brow shape, you should use a white pencil to draw this shape right on your brow and then get rid of the ones that fall out of this shape. An advise for you is choosing a good quality tweezer and tweeze your brows after taking a shower. The reason is that warm water will soften your hair and open your pores so that you can pluck your brows at ease without pain.
3. Fill in your brows 
When you finish two above steps, it is much easier for you to fill in your brows; however how to make it look natural is not an easy task. It is said that an expensive look is something the most natural one and you only really succeed when it looks like you haven't had to take any effort.
- The color: Pick the color which is nearly the same as your original brow shade. If your hair color is much different from your natural one, your brow shape needs coloring according to your hair hue. Charla recommended in her worthy-to-read book How not to look old that "Blondes should have brows just a shade darker tan their hair, brunettes the same shade or a shade lighter, and redheads the same shade or a shade darker."
- The brow essential: For wonderful natural brows, brow powder is highly recommended. Brow powder has several shades to suit for different hair colors. Use a small stiff brush to cover powder on your brows.


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