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"The eyes are the mirror of the soul." - Definitely, no one has not been heard this well-known quote. The eyes are really an important part of the body so protecting your eyes can not be ignored. Eye problems are mostly caused by your bad habits; therefore, you should follow these advises and
quickly quit them to get good eyesight.
1. Get your eyes checked regularly
It is said that you should get your eyes checked at least every 2 years to make sure that your eyesight is still good. You cannot know that your eyesight is whether worse or not until you visit your eye doctor. By this way, you can be aware of your eyesight and if there is any eye problem, you will be treated soon and well. Moreover, you need to go to the optical clinic right when you notice these warning signs of changes in your vision: double vision, difficultly seeing in low light conditions, hazy vision, red eyes, floaters, frequent flushes of light or eye pain.
2. Protect your eyes from UV light
Sunlight is one of the dangerous factors ruining your eyesight but people seem not to pay much attention to protecting their eyes from UV light. You should buy a good quality sunglasses which block both UVA and UVB rays to wear when you are outside, especially on sunny days.
3. Avoid rubbing your eyes
A lot of people have a habit of rubbing their eyes when they wake up or their eyes feel itchy; however, it is so harmful and can damage your eyes in many ways. There are trillions of germs on your hands so rubbing your eyes causes the direct transfer of these germs and brings to inflection such as conjunctivitis. It can also be the reason of myopia or glaucoma. More dangerously, aggressive rubbing can destroy your cornea as well. If your eyes feel itchy, you should use eye drops to gently wash them or go to a doctor for the best solution.
4. Avoid eye strain

While watching TV is a common hobby and most of us have to work in front of the computer 8-12 hours per day, the eyes are easily dropped into strain situation. From that, to avoid eye strain, you should watch less TV (less than 4 hours per day) and adjust your computer monitor. It is suggested to upgrade your computer screen to an LCD model and adjust your computer display settings. The brightness of your computer display should match with the brightness of your surrounding area and the text size should be made to more comfortable reading. Furthermore, taking a 20-second eye rest every 20 minutes of looking at the screen is highly recommended. Plus, remember to sit in front of the screen correctly from a proper distance of 20-40 inches.
5. Add healthy and balanced food to your diet
Nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, vitamins C and E... are really good for your eyes. You should add these food which are rich in these nutrients to your daily menu: spinach, kale, grapefruit, strawberries, carrots, salmon, brussel sprouts, oranges, almonds, sunflower seeds and so on.
6. Sleep well
Sleeping is the time for your eyes and your whole body to relax after a long day. Fatigue resulted from lack of sleep may lead to eye strain, dry eyes, eye spasms or blurred vision. Take care of your sleep to get healthy eyes by going to the bed and waking up at the same time every day, ensure 7-8 hours of sleep per day and create good conditions to have a qualified sleep.


  1. If your job or profession requires you to wear protective eyewear and you also wear prescription glasses or contact lenses on a regular basis, you should consider investing in a good pair of prescription safety glasses to avoid having to wear two pairs of glasses on the job, which could be inconvenient.


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