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Nowadays, more and more people consider workout as a must-have part in their routines. Workout helps us be healthier, stretcher and fitter. More importantly, some choose workout as a way to lose weight but they think that to reach the goal of being slimmer, they have to concentrate on exercising only and cut down their diets as much as possible. However, the meals before and after workout are crucial so don't ignore them.
Pre-workout meal
Pre-workout meal brings you energy, strength, mental drive and focus during an intense training session. If you eat nothing before workout, your blood sugar will easily drop, this is a dangerous one that leads to light-headedness and fatigue. Moreover, when you do exercise with an empty stomach, your body will use protein from muscle instead of from your kidneys and liver; then it causes muscle loss and slower metabolism. You also feel tired more quickly and cannot fulfill the intensity and length of your workout well. More harmfully, it makes you famished after finishing workout and you might enjoy a post-workout binge so what you have tried for hours before comes to zero.
The meal after workout should contain some forms of complex carbohydrate and a protein to keep the release of energy during your workout slow and steady. You should have easy-to-digest food 30 minutes before workout such as
1. Whole wheat

2. Egg (hard-boiled)

3. Oatmeal

4. Banana

5. Yogurt
Post-workout meal
There is an extremely wrong thinking that eating after doing exercise can be skipped because it will waste all efforts before. In contrast, post-workout meal is regarded as one of the most important meals of the day. You need it to rebuild muscle, replenish energy and strengthen your metabolism. Your post-workout meal should start 30 minutes to 1 hour afterward with carbs and protein. Absolutely, remember to avoid fried, sweet, salty foods or soda and fruit drinks.You should choose:
1. Salmon

2. Chicken breast

3. Sweet potato

4. Egg

5. Salad


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